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How a Smart Meter Could Save You Money

Smart Meters are to be offered to every household in Scotland by 2020. The idea is to help people use energy more efficiently and save money, but what exactly are they? And what does getting one entail?

Smart Meters are to replace traditional gas and electric meters to make billing more accurate and budgeting clearer. They can operate in credit of pre-pay settings and customers can top up persuasive essay by text or online, which makes managing utilities a whole lot more straightforward.

What Makes Them Better Than Traditional Meters?

Credit customers will no longer have estimated utility bills with Smart meters. This is because they are connected to a dedicated, secure online network that sends meter readings directly to energy suppliers. That makes billing more accurate.

They come with a real-time display that shows in pounds and pence how much energy the household is using so they can make better decisions about use and expenditure.

Energy suppliers are responsible for upgrading their customers by 2020. There is no additional cost to the consumer and, if there are different gas and electric suppliers, they will each replace their own meter.

Do Landlords have to arrange a smart meter for their tenants?

The upgrade can be requested and accepted by whoever pays the energy bill so tenants can do it in the property they rent.

They don’t need the landlord’s consent but it is recommended the landlord is informed.

If bills are included in the rent and paid out by the landlord, then they can request the meter to be installed in the property.

Rental properties with Smart Meters allow tenants to manage their energy consumption and bills much more easily and accurately.

How and when can I get one?

Each energy supplier is at a different stage in their installations so consumers are recommended to contact them directly to request and find out when the smart meter is available to them.