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Why Invest in Buy-to-Let property

Low interest rates and increasingly competitive buy-to-let mortgages make now a great time to consider investing in a rental property.

Investing in buy-to-let property can be highly rewarding but it requires careful consideration and expert advice.

At ELPM we work with HBR Financial Services - an independant mortgage broker - to guide our clients through the buy-to-let process.

Here are some of the key indicators to look at as you consider investing in buy-to-let property:

The rental market is strong. In Edinburgh and East Lothian especially, rental values are continuing to rise and there is demand for good quality accommodation. Rental income is expected to continue to grow at around 2-3% a year making buy-to-let property in these areas an excellent investment.

Finance is available. You could be closer than you think to becoming a landlord. Lenders have been relaxing their criteria and some products offer a loan of up to 80% of the value of the property. Many lenders also offer ‘let-to-buy’ options, which allow you to let your existing home to finance the purchase of a new home. With a mix of capital & interest or interest-only repayments, a wide range of discounted and tracker rates and the traditional fixed rate products also available, buy-to-let investment could be very accessible for you.

Interest rates are low. This is bad news if your money is sitting in a savings account but goods news for people investing in property. A well sourced and carefully managed property should offer an annual return of around 5-7% on cash invested, as well as hopefully offering capital gain in the longer term.

We can help you. At ELPM we can help you identify properties that could give you long-term return. Our partnership with HBR Financial Services means we can also make sure you get expert advice on financing and, once purchased, we can help you find great tenants and get the best from your investment.

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